Kapulauppada Visakhapatanam, India



Oil & Gas Industry veteran

An Oil & Gas Industry veteran. Retired Technical Trainer with ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) group. As a consultant for SPIE, a French MNC. Four decades covered the entire value chain from wellhead to LNG, LPG, Refinery operations, and downstream petrochemical industries.

"Wealth from Waste” is an apt tag line for Vyzag Bioenergy fuels Pvt Ltd., a startup run by Mr K S Raja and his team of dedicated professionals and it is doing exactly that - converting municipal garbage into valuable products like methane, the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel that minimizes carbon emissions. The byproducts are organic, nutrient rich liquid fertilizer and solid manure, which is utilized to produce organic agricultural produce. In addition, everything from raw materials and consumables to equipment and technology is 100% indigenous and there is no outgo of foreign exchange. What they are creating is not wealth for themselves but for society at large.

The core values Mr Raja epitomizes - total integrity, continual improvement and a commitment to excellence - are also the hallmarks of Vyzag Bioenergy. It is a pioneering effort towards making the world cleaner, greener and a better place for all of us.


Portfolio Coordinator, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

The first of its kind in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Vyzag Bio Energy is an outstanding initiative by Mr K S Raja and his team. The conceptualization and ideology behind converting Municipal Wet Waste to Compressed Biogas, recycling Plastic in different products, and producing Organic Manure is the need of the hour with its benefits in simple language being - saving 'life of living bodies'. Biogas is a clean & renewable energy source that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Biodegradable waste generates Methane, a potent Greenhouse Gas, which is 60 times more dangerous than Carbon Dioxide. Biogas plant trap Methane and convert it into fuel thereby helping the climate. Using renewable source of energy is not only cost-effective but can even be a smart financial decision for homeowners, businesses, and governments.

Similar way using organic manures as against chemical fertilizers needs to be educated among farmers in our country as it has huge benefits for the soil composition, which in turn increases the soil's ability to retain nutrients and water which eventually will make plants healthier and stronger. The Organic Manure produced from biodigesters maintain a friable soil which is essential for the growth of a plant. Chemical fertilizers not only affect water retention of the soil but also eliminates earthworms which play an important role in the ecosystem.

With an extensive and rich experience from not only working for Tata Steel but living day to day life for decades, it all started off as an idea in the mind 3 years ago and with lot of perseverance, commitment and dedication the project today has taken a beautiful shape that is absolutely promising for generations to come by.


Management Consultant

I am extremely happy to see the progress made by Vyzag Bio Energy Fuel Pvt Ltd in the short span of 3 years since the concept took shape by the promoters led by Mr. K. S. Raja and his family members. The pace at which the concept was converted to setting up the plant and commencement of Commercial production in less than 2 years is ample proof of the capabilities of Mr. Raja and his team.

The conversion of Municipal waste to Biogas is the primary necessity of all growing Urban Agglomerates in the country to ensure Sustainable and Renewable Energy. Bio Gas has the advantages of realising dreams of Waste to Energy and a Circular Economy apart from being an Environment friendly source of Green and Clean energy.

Mr. Raja with his experience of more than 3 decades with the leaders of Ferro Alloy industries in the country is very well aware of the needs of sustainable energy to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and economic production of energy to meet growing demands in the country.

It is commendable that Vyzag Bio has been able to enter into a 15 year CBG supply agreement with IOC within a short time of commencement of production confirms the focus by the Promoters and Executive team on Quality and Customer deliverance. The production and marketing of Organic manure as a byproduct will help the Company add to the top and bottom line of financial performance.

My best wishes to the Team Vyzag Bio in achieving all their established goals of performance and growth.



Vyzag Bio Energy Fuel Pvt ltd, led by young and experienced are true Nature lovers and protectors. Their initiatives like converting MSW into Compressed Biogas and recycling plastic into various products speak volumes. The main promoter Mr. K S Raja, who retired as Senior Executive from Tata Steel inherited values and ethics from Tatas and implementing them in their own way in this small upcoming waste handling plant.

We wish the Team every success in all their endeavours.


Head, Scientific Services, Tata Steel

The initiative by the Vyzag Bio Energy team to recycle waste into valuable energy is not just the need of the hour, but will also ensure that generations of Indians, nay humans, will be grateful to your team for their efforts in ensuring humans survive.

Not only does it tackle the humongous problem of waste (which threatens not just our water bodies (where they are sadly dumped); and uses valuable land for landfills, storage, etc., but improper disposal will be the cause the degradation of our underground water resources and slowly poison generations of Indians); it also solves the insatiable energy demands of a growing India; with a renewable source of valuable biogas; with the added benefit that it is less polluting and cheaper than imported crude derived LPG.

Kudos to the team of Vyzag Bioenergy and my best wishes.