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Plastic Recycling


When plastics were invented it was a big boon for the packaging industry. The ideal material which doesn't disintegrate with time, strong enough to hold the contents, printable and also comes in different shapes and colors and easily manufacturable. What more does packing industry needs? Plastic is still a important material for most industries. Its just impossible to replace it. So banning plastic is very very tough.

The same things that make plastics a wonderful material are the main reasons it keeps harming the Earth. Plastics take hundreds of years to fully disintegrate and they break into micro particles which enter into digestive tracts of all the living things and causing harmful diseases. Some of the living things ingest a plastic bag and it causes suffocation or entangles with their intestines. The marine life is by far the worst affected by the plastic menace. So, is there a way out of this?


Amazingly the way out is very simple, but let us remind you that simple things are the hardest to follow. The mantra to get control of this menace is to follow the 3 simple rules:

    The overuse of plastics is what accelerated this doom. Just simple don't accept things made of plastic just to make your life easier. Refuse plastic bags at the shops carry your own or if forgot to carry a bag, buy a canvas bag. Better to spend a small amount than to be responsible for littering. Buy things made of different materials like wood, metal or glass. They might be expensive or heavy or fragile but then again you are doing a favor to the world. Take these small decisions and you will be wondered how much plastic has been stopped by you.
  2. REUSE
    Since plastics are cheap we tend to buy them than reuse them. Its almost a fad that reusing a plastic item means you are cheap! Most dangerous plastic items that litter the earth are not furniture made of plastic or plastic from home appliances but small things like bags, keychains, stickers, disposable cutlery etc. Thanks to current pandemic some of these items have increased 10 fold! So reuse the items, wear them out before throwing them in a bin, which brings us to the next rule...
    This is where companies like Vyzag Bio Energy Fuel Pvt Ltd comes to your help. Make sure you send the plastics you throw into the bin to us. Municipalities all over India are implementing rules to collect plastics so that they can be recycled in a safe manner. Recycling the plastic into useful products like pavement tiles, electric poles, outdoor furniture etc. will make sure that we as a society are using them efficiently.

Some of the recycled products we have started are pavement plastic tiles, heavy duty plastic tiles, interlocked tiles and roof tiles. The following are their pictures

Interlocking Tiles

Pavement Tiles

Heavy Duty Tiles

Roof Tiles



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