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What if there was a fuel that has more calorific value than Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and is far safer than it? Also, what if this same fuel can be used in our vehicles, which produces less pollution than the current fossil fuels? And to top it off, what if this fuel is a renewable source!? Sounds too good to be true… right?

There is a fuel that ticks every box in the above list, and it’s called Compressed Biogas (CBG). Although CBG is almost similar to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in its composition, CBG has more Specific Energy than CNG. Means per kilogram of CBG can give more power than CNG. CBG is renewable energy that is derived from wet waste through anaerobic decomposition. The main component of CBG is Methane. A Greenhouse gas that needs to be contained and used. Although burning Methane produces Carbon Dioxide, another greenhouse gas, Methane is 25 times more potent than CO2 in trapping the heat in the atmosphere.

CBG can be used for cooking and as a transportation fuel too. The following tables show the difference between the current fuels and CBG.

Comparison of CBG & LPG
Properties LPG CBG
Calorific Value (MJ/kg) 461 522
Air-Fuel Stoichiometric Ratio by volume 9.7 : 13 23.9 : 13
Density @ 1 ATM, 15 °C (kg/m3) 525 - 5804 0.795
Flame Temperature in Air (in Oxygen) °C

Approximate values: Propane flame temperature is taken for LPG and Methane flame temperature is taken for CBG

1980 (2820)6 1957 (2810)6
Autoignition Temperature (°C ) 410 - 5804 630 - 8107
Toxicity Toxic at high concentration &low level of Oxygen as it displaces air from lungs Non toxic even at high concentration & low levels of oxygen.
Comparison of CBG, Petrol & Diesel
Calorific Value (MJ/kg) 522 44 - 468 42 - 468
Air-Fuel Stoichiometric Ratio by Mass 9.7 : 13 14.7 : 13 14.7 : 13
Density @ 1 ATM, 15 °C (kg/m3) 0.794 715 - 7809 8509
Mileage per unit 24.11 km/kg10 16 km/l 21 km/l
Price per unit (in INR) as on 19th June, 2021 in Andhra Pradesh 64.311 101.9311 96.2111
Tailpipe Emissions Low NOx in Dual fuel engines. Reduced NOx emissions in CBG-Diesel engines. CO2 and Water vapor.<5 NOx, Volatile Organic Compounds, Benzene, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, CO2 and water vapor. NOx, Volatile Organic Compounds, Benzene, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, CO2 and water vapor.

The future, at least in India, is dependent on CBG based economy. CBG is a very important cog in the Circular Economy. Humans will always generate food waste, and this waste, at least some parts of it will undergo anaerobic decomposition which will produce dangerous greenhouse gas – Methane. Methane being lightweight and a well-mixed gas has its presence uniformly throughout the troposphere. This makes Methane very hard to remove from the atmosphere. The only way to reduce Methane concentration is to trap it where it gets produced. Naturally occurring sources are already taken care of, but the major source of Atmospheric methane is from dump yards. This where companies like Vyzag Bio Energy Fuel Pvt Ltd come to the rescue. We take food waste and convert it into CBG and fermented organic manure. This process just doesn’t have a waste product at all.

So, using CBG as a fuel for cooking or as a transportation fuel is not only economically good but it helps the environment a lot. Will you join us in cleaning the environment?


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